Monday, November 1, 2010

Dicovering General Santos City - Simple Pleasures

Date? My lover and I often do it most of the time around our locality. There are so much stuff to see and to discover here at Socksargen. Last week this is our simple pleasures:

1st stop: We visited the outdoor shop in Gaisano mall. (I think that was the only outdoor shop inside a mall here in Gensan, the rest of the outdoor shops are located on far-off places like in front of KCC Mall (near the store that sells antique and native stuffs) or  I saw few stores at Polomolok - one is the Gaudy's World, another is beside a bakery along Baranggay Cannery Hi-way (which I never known the name of the shop, dismay). 

Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano Mall

2nd Stop: Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano. Oy my goodness1 They are on sale! We never had the hard time of picking which is the  best shoes I wanted. They have lot's of pretty, classy and on-the-go shoes. (Though I wanted all, but I just have to pick one).  After checking out on 3 or 4 pair of shoes (whom the handsome shoe-sales clerk gladly entertained our  requests and inquiries), my hubbyness suggested that we'll just get the red , and glossy one (which I am confidently wearing now worn with the black dress my hubby's pasalubong from Manila. I feel like a million corporate, high-payed and socialite office gal! Thanks to my red shoes!) .  I really suggest you visit the shoe store - Ferretti. The people there are nice, you won't feel pressured as if the clerks expect you to buy something once you enter their store. Kudos to the Ferretti people. Sometimes the place need not to be too overrated, just place two cheerful and pleasant looking staff, and you've got a wonderful store! I recommend you too visit Ferretti Shoes at Gaisano Gensan.

3rd Stop: We hooped to another mall, Robinsons Mall Gensan.  We checked out all the  posh watch shops there, and whew! the prices are too expensive. But I saw one watch there which I think would be the best Christmas gift for my husband. Since He is an avid mountaineer and the President of DoleFil Mountaineering Club (the official Dole Philippines' adventure group). The watch has a (may I not say the brand please? but it's quite expensive than Timex) a compass, altitude measurement gadget as well as pedometer.  I wish all the projects may keep coming (so those who wanted to have a computerized systems in their offices, please contact me. I need to save for something here. I also accept thesis programs.  Laughing)

4th Stop: We are hungry, we took time to pass by and check restaurants at Robinson's Mall. We ended up eating on Robinson's Food Court. The clean and well-lighted place was so inviting.  We bought our diner at Nanay Bebeng's store, because their viands are 50% less during closing time.  plus they also have great food even their foods are already discounted. Again, we really appreciated the person who is looking after the store, because she's bubbly and very entertaining. 

 5th Stop: After finishing diner, I felt like going Chinese, so I decided to buy a noodles in a box. A Dimsum food stall located at Robinson's Food Court (may I not name it?  Please, thumbs down to them!). I was totally dismayed, the food stall did not issued an OR plus they don't have any chopsticks! They just simply told me that they are out of stock of chopsticks and didn't even bothered to tell me before I purchased. How am I going to eat my Dimsum in a box?! They didn't even offered me a fork. I asked them for it. They bluntly pointed to the direction of the fork. I politely ask for a sauce, and again foolishly pointing me to the sauce organizer! Grrr! And did you know? While they were preparing my box of Dimsum? Well, the girl who made my Dimsum prepared my food on her bare hands, no hair nets, wearing watches, ring and bracelets (which the small and dangling bracelet accessories dips on the bean sprouts she cooks), while chatting with her co-employees (gossiping). I just can't complain that time. I don't want to ruin my night just because an unsanitary personnel sabotage my food (right eyebrow raised).  The result of my Dimsum ? It has lots of bean sprout, I couldn't taste the noodles anymore. I don't want to start a fight, I have date. But of course, I ate it anyway, smile. Hey, I payed for it. I'll just be choosy next time. 

6th Stop: We are suppose to watch a movie, but there are no nice movies out and we don't even know who were the actors on the movie list. So we decided to head home and enjoy the night together.

I therefore conclude that my date last night? It was a blast!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Initial Update on Octoclive 2010

Author's dearest hubbyness wearing blue jacket at last left side
Pre-climb (this time, hubby is at the right most; still wearing blue)
He didn't move a bit! Again dearest hubbyness is still at the right side of the picture
I guess this is not a pageant or a class picture , perhaps?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2nd MFSM Congress

Hello Davao!

It was may be a year or more the last time we visited Davao. Since I became a mom, we haven't been to Davao. But good thing our son is a lot bigger now, so we could drag him with us on one of our adventure trips. His parents are real-blooded explorer. We love to go places and try something new.

After a long and stressful vacation at Manila, me and my 1 year old son was both excited to attend one of our daddy's mountaineering trips. Instead of climbing mountains and volcanoes (even active ones, tsk, tsk), they now are onto a two-day beach party at Samal, Davao. This is where all the mountaineers around Southern Mindanao gather and celebrate together. Take note: our son was recently hospitalized for a week. But then, it didn't stopped us from partying!

Armed with proper medicines and vitamins, we attented the 2nd MFSM Congress at Davao. The mountaineering conference was quite a bit successful. More than 1,000 participants joined the event. The 2nd MFSM congress was filled with fun and adventure. There was diving, rapelling, rope gliding, kayaking and other adventure driven-games like amazing-race (a triathlon like-competition). Gifts and prizes is also overwhelming. Beers also flooded (but of course, we never participated into drinking alcohol, lol). Our son danced the night away with up-beat reggae music. I must say that the organizer found the best band who entertained us that night.

And the beach? I guess, that was a bit discouraging. the waters a shore was full of trashes and twigs. as well as the beaches' sand. But then again, it didn't spoiled our day. Our son enjoyed swimming and playing with the sand.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Samaritan

Do you remember the story of a good Samaritan wrtten on New Testament in the book of Acts? I pretty well remembered it because our Sunday school teacher may have told it several times. It was a story of a man who willingly helped a robbed and battered man he have seen on a sidewalk. Before that noble act, there were people with expected good character have passed by the way of the robbed man. But sadly, they never extented out a loving hand to the poor guy. But this Good Samaritan is exceptional. He never hesitated to give him a helping hand inspite of his busy life.
Is he the last kind of specie? Is there any modern Good Samaritan which exists now? I guess none. I may have not done the same. Though if I am not that busy and I have lots of money, I'd rather do the same. But what so special about this Good Samaritan is he has nothing. He still has the good heart to extend a hand and help out.

Good Samaritan @ RCBC Marbel
As I saw shinny, big and branded cars pass by the side of the bus i am riding; I am too frustrated to think that while I am too confused to how I can budget all the household stuff and monthly bills, there are people who lived a nice life and has no hard time of paying bills or even alloting a gasoline expense on an expensive car which consumes a liter per kilometer! That day was to busy for me. I really have to do a lot of errands. While thinking about unhealthy things like grudging and self-pitying, I didn't realized that I was in my destination already. I hurriedly ride a tricycle going to the nearest ATM Machine. It was at RCBC Marbel beside Dunkin Donuts. I have to withdraw to pay for our loaned vehicle and to busy stuff for our kid. But incidentally, the ATM prompt something on screen that makes me thought that it has run out of cash. So hurriedly, I left the ATM machine and looked for another ATM Machine. While I was walking a tricycle driver was trying to get my attention and ask me to return to the the last ATM /machine i've been. He then exhaustedly eplained to me that the guy who followed me in the line found the cash I dispensed at RCBC ATM machine. He was asked to run after me. Out of happiness (and nervousness! ofcourse, I nearly lost 5ooo pesos. which by the way, i really badly needed it that time) i just thanked the guy who returned my money (he actually turned over to the guards about the money). I just thanked him. But I forgot to get his name so I ccan thank him formally. Now that I am in my right and calm sense, there is no way i can meet up with him and thank him again. But I hope that God will make a way that he may be able to read this blog. Whoever you are sir, thank you for that noble and honest act. The guy at RCBC Marbel ATM machine, thank you! I will continue to pray for you and your family, that God may give you more blessings and good health. And that He may provide you everything that you needed. God Bless. Kudos to you. I hope there will be a lot of more like you.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Undervalued Mindanaoans

Lake Maughan @ T'boli, South Cotabato

Finding My Way Home

I am not a native of Mindanao. Neither grew up most of my life in Mindanao. But one thing I'm sure --- I love Mindanao. I spent most of my years at Luzon and yet my heart still belongs to Mindanao. Well, may be because I never thought of getting married to a settler from Luzon who have the same views about Mindanao. I only spent most of my secondary years at Marbel, South Cotabato but I was deeply in love with the island. And if not because of my loving aunt (who is also married to a local of Luzon but decided to settle here), she had a good heart of sending me to school even during my college at Manila. A million thanks to Mamang and Papang! Even though I'm already married, my aunt still see to it that she helps me from time to time.

Childhood Memory

My first ever memory I remembered was when I was 2 years old. I was asking for a bottle of milk from my uncle and cousins which I know they hid on a cabinet above our sink. That time, I think they were training meto drink on a glass. It was the very first memory I remembered, and it took place in Mindanao. At a very young age, I remembered everything as clearly as possible.

Reality Bites

I was four years old then. I was so excited to pack my things and ride a ship going to Manila. What excites me that time is not only the visit to Manila (because that time Manila was like US of A where I always think all the nicest stuff are found in that place, plus I get to meet my family and relatives whom I am just able to see during summers, and holidays); but also we got to spend days sleeping and as if livingin a camp inside a ship for 3 days and 2 nights. I got to meet a lotof persons from all over places around the Philippines. All have many reasons why they travel.

It was exciting because when we always arrived Manila, my uncles wife (auntie Celia who is a mestiza Chinese) always cook the best foods ever. They would always bing us to places I have never been and give us stuff that I never had(which are more likely non-existing places in our province) like strolling on a 4 storeys mall, covered carnivals, animated parks, eating out on fancy restaurants and buying newest, trendy stuffs that my playmates in the province doesn't have yet. It was kind of enjoyable time to remember. But what was irritating that time is the in between conversations with friends and neighbors of my cousins (both of kids of my same age as well as adults living at Manila). They would brag arrogantly how Manila is progressing compared to Mindanao, and how advanced they were in technology and fashion (which I don't react violently because its kind of truth). But when education and smartness is concerned, they were kind of criticizing how native and primitive I am because I live with probinsyanos (which my cousin Jaybee tease me "Probinsyana" but I don't hate her for it because its a real lambing unlike those stupid, jerk, arrogant and ignorant neighbors and playmates of my beloved cousins, hehehe).

One thing that saddens me the careless comment of my classmates during college that we (students who were raised from Visayas and Mindanao) should always be careful from pick pockets, swindlers and scamming taxi drivers. Though I'm happy and touched with the concern but how they deliver it is some kind of insult. Its like treating us that we don't think or we're easily swindled and too dumb to think that we're already made fun of.

Another is the treatment given by our school. During organizing events and other extra-curricular activities, we are often viewed as less artistic and not aware of morn technology. We are often assigned as mere members of committees (unless you have proven yourself already. That thing I still have to ask that why we still have to prove ourselves when in fact we should all be treated equal?).

Worst is, the brand... Generalizing all Mindanaoans as war freak, violent, and rebellious that people tend to be scared and aloof from us. Hey, we don't bite. We only kill (joke!). I think people tend to think people from mindanao are horryfying and war freak because of imbalance and over-focused/over exaggeration of media. Where most reports (not all, there may have been nice reporters who still show the bright and nice sides of Mindanao) shows on tv the very chaotic, kidnapping infested land and war zone area. That's how Mindanao is presented. I just don't get it that there are narrow-minded people who assumes things like that even the report clearly states that there are only certain areas who were affected with pandemonium('naks! bigating kaguluhan talaga hehehe'). I can't blame them, we are all have the right to say what we want (even it's unfairly soemtimes). The fact that we all have the capability to think and we all think differently. That may be explains for those people who think differently, and sickly.

A Mission

There are thousands of supercalifragelisticexpialidocious (I hope I spelled it right, hehehe) ways and reasons why Mindanao is such a lovely place to visit or perhaps if you want to decide like us you can live here. That is my primary reason why I started this blog. To show the real, fine, and undiscovered beauty of Mindanao beyond wars, chaos, turmoil, government insurgency,kidnapping, and unresolvable peace process. A land of Promise.

The best peoples of the world and the best places on earth are all here at Mindanao!

"In diversity, Unity Exist"